Color-shodo performance
Color-shodo performance

 Kamata Seisyu



All Nippon Keizai Gakuin Kanji / Modern Poetry · Kana · Penji Norikura Everyday Exhibition · Genecial Award Winning · Winning Prize Winner


Start calligraphy from early childhood.


I am fascinated by silence and absence, whitish world when concentrating on calligraphy, and I will be devoted to calligraphy. I think that I was able to continue calligraphy because I got medals at a calligraphy exhibition when I was in elementary school, because I had a pleasure of promotion.


Exhibited at the everyday exhibition · Genex exhibition, acquired a teacher. And, furthermore, it will pay a passion for calligraphy.


Working in a bank or a major company, I do not miss calligraphy research, and gradually create in color. Because of continuing learning calligraphy, the sense of mission that establishes calligraphy with color that can do is to grow.


As a foundation of calligraphy which is the basis of color calligraphy, it becomes necessary to feel necessity every time Chinese writing classic text is done, and will learn the remarks (photographing) of the masterpieces of the Chinese classic stone monument earlier than before. I gradually become interested in the depths of rhythm and lines that I can hear from the typeface / writing method, and then I will study.


 Everyday, studying daily harmony between white paper and color day by day deeply into deep creation, now it continues to pursue daily efforts to live a culture of color calligraphy overseas.


[Color calligraphy] I have launched a cloud funding for establishment!

We launched Crowd Funding to spread [color calligraphy]!


I am aiming to establish a new culture by expressing the historical calligraphy as color in Japanese culture.


In addition to understanding Japanese calligraphy as a letter, I wanted to express the beauty born from the outline. The original color and calligraphy was born with the artistic nature and color of the outline plus.


Calligraphy has been widely and widely used as a spiritual training. It is the best teaching material to concentrate mind, calm the mind and become a point of absence. I believe that color calligraphy is a place where you can release yourself as an art with its foundation as the foundation.


 Brush art's color calligraphy not only merely writes a book in color, but also devises how to express colors. It expresses the intersection of color by putting many colors at once into one brush and writing it in one stroke. It will be a stereoscopic piece with depth and a new world with art will spread.


In case It is a desire to have the existence of color calligraphy widely known in this project. It is considered to develop in color calligraphy both in Japanese culture and in calligraphy world. Color calligraphy is based on the history and foundation of calligraphy, and I care very much. The role of color calligraphy that can be involved in the young people of the future will be a good starting point for the initiative of Japanese culture.


As a first step, I started a project that it was necessary to hold a solo exhibition in Tokyo for the establishment and development of color calligraphy.

Thank you for your kind support to this project. Color Calligraphy Brush Art Kamata Seisyu



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Color Calligraphic Brush Art

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Main activities

2009.7 Osaka Tenjinbashi muscle Calligraphy class in the shopping area opened

2009.8 - 2010.1 I do the job of the tombstone in a major tombstone company in Kinki

2010.7 First held color calligraphy exhibition at "Yasaka" tea house in Yasaka, Kyoto

2012.5 Work on research on harmony of color and calligraphy in Osaka city

2012.8 Brush art exhibition held at Osaka Bentencho citizen learning center

2017.2 Exhibition at Japan Expo in Paris There are offers

2017.6 Holding a brush art Ⅱ exhibition at the Osaka Seikaido Gallery

2017.6 Participated in "Collaboration Exhibition" at Osaka Nakazu Earring Gallery

2017.10 Exhibited at Japanese group exhibition in Italy Milan

2018.1 Color Calligraphic Brush Art Exhibition III held at Hamase Gallery in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

2018.9 Holding Nakatsu Early Gallery private exhibition in Kita Ward, Osaka city

Main awards

1986 Selected for two Genesis exhibitions

1987 Everyday Exhibition Selected · Genki Exhibition Second Prize Winner

1988 Winning exhibition of one genus exhibition · Second selection of Genesis exhibition

1989 Selected for one genus exhibition

1990 Selected for one Genesis exhibition

1991 Everyday Exhibition

1992 Every day Exhibition selection

1993 Everyday Exhibition Selected · GENIENE EXHIBITION 1 item selected

1994 Everyday Exhibition Selected · GENIENE EXHIBITION 1 item selected