About Order

At Brush Art, we accept requests for calligraphy.


In addition to black-colored works and color calligraphy works, black-colored works are also estimated as black.


Atsushi Shibata pursues modern calligraphy and promotes and studies color calligraphy, so it is not a design or commercial character, but a color work will be an original and a work meeting everyone's expectations.


In brush art, works are created on the theme of gentle feelings and healing feelings by using colors. We want to support color calligraphy to "love yourself and live in a rich heart!"


There are some old works in the gallery now, but I hope you can see the gallery first and share the image of the client.


If possible, it will be easier to imagine if you have the place to display, the color of the wall, the size of the wall, the words, the image, the size of the work, the picture of the place to display.



Representative of brush art Yusuke Shibata will create with all your heart.