Brush art promotes color shodo!

Blush art is not only mere drawing in color, but there is always a basis of calligraphy at the bottom, and I make works that value the writing brush. I would like to connect color shodo(calligraphy) as a new culture.

Meaning of promoting color calligraphy

For a long time, I've been doing calligraphy and I have come to think that there is a more enjoyable way of expressing calligraphy

It has been said that doing calligraphy in color in earnest is good in the range of hobbies.

By encountering expressions with materials other than ink, I was able to face myself and I had time to heal my mind.

The color is chosen from the meaning of the kanji, and it is possible to write in multiple colors on one brush and write it at a stretch, and also give a gradation and it is three-dimensional.

I can not rewrite it, and I can not write the same thing again. To do so, make an image. I came to think about how to put out the color.

To express is to expose yourself. I have self-expression, courage there, but I still continue to make works by groping.

There was a moment when I was able to release myself through calligraphy if I could not convey it with my heart closed.

Calligraphy brush art that represents the imaginary world in color calligraphy. I think it is the only way I can leave it as I was saved with color shodo.


That's also why I continue and promote color shodo.

The name of brush-Art

"Brush-Art" refers to "art using a brush of a book". In this way, I would like to establish a new culture as "Color Calligraphy®", which is a familiar Japanese character for a long time as a Japanese culture and adds color to the protected calligraphy.

By expressing the book in color, a new world has expanded. Color is added using the beautiful kanji typeface, and it is expressed using calligraphy technology.

The softness and tenderness of the brush, sometimes the strength, opening and closing, etc. use is various.

And it is important that writing and techniques are very important.

In order to further enhance the art, we add an artistic point of view, and use our gradation, multicolor, and three-dimensional ideas to create a unique world view. Color calligraphy has many aspects, such as giving healing with color. In order to gain a wider understanding of "Color Calligraphy" in brush art, we will continue to study and study color calligraphy. 


Seisyu Kamata


Started calligraphy from the age of five. It will be shown to the silence and silence of the blank time concentrated on copying the model with calligraphy and will continue the calligraphy.


The reason I learned calligraphy is that I wanted to follow my favorite brother. I think that the reason that continued was that I received a silver medal at the calligraphy exhibition at the time of primary school children, that there was a joy of upgrading, and that I kept competing with my friends.


I study the present-day book mainly and acquire the kanji, the modern poetry document (contemporary book), the kana, the pen letter teacher. It becomes a teacher by repeating daily exhibition, Sogen exhibition winning selection and winning selection.


I was not able to continue because I was transferred to junior high school once, but I got a job at a bank as a member of society, and I worked at a major company by dispatch, but I continued to calligraphy, and I will continue to create calligraphy in color.


Start producing color calligraphy based on the basics of calligraphy in 2010, and learn that colors are more pronounced by distinguishing white paper from color.


What forms the basis of color calligraphy and that is the idea of creation is from the writing of a Chinese classic acclaim. Became obsessed with writing a copy of the Chinese classic stone monument. Gradually, I am interested in the rhythm and depth of lines that I can hear in the typeface and writing style, and study.


Getting to calligraphy in color leads to healing that works on your own inner side, so that you can interact with yourself in color calligraphy and feel that there is such a function that you like yourself in color calligraphy become.


I was born as the only self-expression for me who is not good at communicating with


2009.7  Opened calligraphy classes in Osaka Tenjinbashisuji Shopping District

2009.8-2010.1  Tombstone character work at a major tombstone company in Kinki

2010.7  First held color calligraphy exhibition at "Yasaka" Chaya in Kyoto Yasaka

2012.5  Work on research on harmony between color and calligraphy in Osaka city

2012.8  Blush Art Exhibition Held at Osaka Bentencho Citizens Learning Center

2017.2  Japan Expo in Paris has an offer to exhibit

2017.6  Holding a brush art II exhibition at Osaka Seikado Gallery

2017.6  Participated in "Cooperation Exhibition" at Nakatsu Piers Gallery, Osaka

2017.10  Exhibited at a group exhibition by Japanese people in Milan, Italy

2018.1  Color Calligraphy Brush Art Exhibition III Held at Kunise Gallery in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

2018.9  "Color calligraphy brush art exhibition" IV is held at Nakatsu Pierce Gallery in Kita Ward, Osaka City

2010.2  Display in Osaka city and sister city, Milan, Cool Japan category Display at Osaka City Hall

2019.4  Milan Design Week 2019 Milan Genius 2019 Cool Japan Prize. "Flower Bird Fugetsu" is exhibited in Milan

2019.5.17-19   Exhibited "OASIS 2019" at Osaka OBP (Osaka Business Park) Special Venue 

It will be displayed in Paris later

Awards history

1986  Sogen Exhibition second course winner

1987  Daily exhibition selection · Sogen exhibition second course winning selection

1988  Winning a selection of Sogen Exhibitions / Winning a Selection of Sogen Exhibition

1989  Sogen Exhibition 1st category

1990  Sogen Exhibition 1st category

1991  Selected daily exhibition

1992  Selected daily exhibition

1993  Daily selection for exhibitionSugeno exhibition 1 category selection

1994  Daily selection for exhibitionSugeno exhibition 1 category selection