Color calligraphy (COLOR SHOWO) will be on display in Milan!

We won a prize in "Milan Design Week", "Milan Genius 2019", "Cool Japan" (Culture & Art Division, Milan Design Division) held in April each year, which is Osaka City and its sister city!

Several winners go to Milan!

From April 9th to 12th, designers, creators and producers from Osaka visit the area at "Milan Design Week 2019"!

In Brush‐Art®, we are working to establish "color shodo ®(Japanease calligraphy) ".

Color calligraphy project I have launched CAMPFIRE cloud funding! I am trying to make a color shodo(calligraphy) as a new culture. Thank you very much.

I tried crowdfunding, but I couldn't achieve it.Color calligraphy will continue to evolve from now on, so please support and support it!

Brush-art promotes calligraphy in color.


Brush art not only draws in color, but at the root

Be sure to have the basics of calligraphy, I am making works that cherish the handwriting of the calligraphy. 

The goal is to know the existence of color calligraphy.

What is Brush-Art


Brush art is "art using a writing shodo(calligraphy) brush".

As a "Japanese shodo(calligraphy)" which was popular for a long time and added color to calligraphy which was protectedI want to establish a new culture.


By expanding the text in color, the new world has expanded. It uses beautiful kanji fonts to add color and expresses with calligraphy skills.

It expresses softness, kindness, sometimes powerfulness.


And what matters is that you are treasuring the brush strokes, calligraphy and techniques of calligraphy very much.


It adds an artistic point of view, gradation and multicolor use,

It has its own worldview such as three-dimensional contrivance. For color calligraphy,

There are many aspects such as giving healing with color. I am planning to make a work.


In order to get to know more about "color calligraphy" of brush art, I will continue research and continue to develop color calligraphy.