About color brush art

The use of color in calligraphy, which has long been popular and preserved as Japanese culture, has opened up a new world.


In color brush art, the theme is "healing" by using colors.


Specifically, it is based on the brushstrokes, calligraphy, and techniques that form the basis of calligraphy, adds an artistic perspective to the work, uses gradations, multiple colors, and is three-dimensional.


Color has the power to influence the deep psychology of human beings. Just as blue has the image of calming the mind and trust and sincerity, the color of green expresses peace and peace and has the effect of calming the mind.

I learned that there are many other effects that color has on humans.


Creating a work in an instant is like a martial art once in a while, and you can never write the same thing again.


To write, know the meaning of kanji, calm down and concentrate on writing. By working on such a momentary art, it leads to beautiful art.


You can express spring, summer, autumn and winter, express many typefaces, and feel the moment of knowing the joy of creation.


There are many other typefaces such as regular script, semi-cursive script, cursive script, clerical script, and seal script.




And you can get a deeper understanding of human deep psychology through colors. It allows you to freely express your own world view that leads to exposing yourself.

The meaning of promoting color brush art

At first, I started with an interest in what would happen if I changed the calligraphy, which was all black, to something gorgeous, and I strongly felt the possibility.


He is working on "harmony between color and calligraphy", the goal of creating works that are healed by using colors and gorgeous works.


Little by little, "I'm interested in kanji and characters" and "Calligraphy brushstrokes"


I want to know more "," I'm also interested in the craftsmen who make calligraphy brushes


"I've come to have it", "I'm interested in the psychological effects of color",


I've come to hear such voices from young people, saying, "I want to learn color brush art."


Since I started color brush art in 2010, I haven't been confident with myself


You can now face each other.


The colors that come from the meaning of the kanji that are still alive while changing their shape until the present day


I want to convey the image as an artist.


There are many possibilities for color brush art.


Color brush art is a new culture.


Started calligraphy at the age of five. Exhibited at an exhibition and won numerous prizes and prizes to obtain a master. You will continue to learn calligraphy because you will be fascinated by the silence and the state of nothingness when you are doing calligraphy, and the pure white world where you can concentrate. The basis of his creation is that he learned the writing (copying) of the rubbing of the stone monument that describes the Chinese classics, and he is also good at classics such as seal script, clerical script, and wooden tablets, and semi-cursive script such as Lantingji Xu. .. I started doing calligraphy in color from 2009. He has been researching from the colors and images of kanji, and is creating his own works using typefaces and writing styles. Doing color calligraphy expresses the original world of color brush art only, with the themes of "healing" and "harmony between color and calligraphy".

Results of Activities

2010.7 Color calligraphy exhibition held at Yasaka Chaya, Kyoto.


2012.5 Working on "the harmony of color and calligraphy", Osaka.


2012.8 Color Brush Art exhibition at Bentencho, Osaka.


2010.7 Color calligraphy exhibition held at Yasaka Teahouse, Kyoto.


2012.5 Working on the harmony of color and calligraphy, Osaka.


2012.8 Color Brush Art exhibition at Bentencho, Osaka.


2017.6 Color Brush ArtⅡ held at Seikado Gallery, Osaka.


2017.6 Participated in “Collaboration Exhibition” at Nakatsu Pierce Gallery, Osaka.


2017.10 Group exhibition by Japanese in Milan, Italy.


2018.1 Color-Brush Art held at Kuise Gallery in Amagasaki City, Hyogo.


2018.9 Color Brush Art at Nakatsu Pierce Gallery, Kita-ku, Osaka.


2019.2 Exhibited in Milan, sister city of Osaka city, Cool Japan category, Osaka.


2019.4 Exhibited at Milan Design Week, Italy


2019.5.17 ~ 19 Exhibited `` OASIS2019 '' OBP, Osaka.


2019.6.23 ~ 7.23 OASIS2019 , France Paris Exhibition at the Farrell Gallery, Paris.


Awards history

1986 Sengen Exhibition 2nd Selected


1987 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition, Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1988 Sengen exhibition one course selected, Sogen exhibition two course selected


1989 Sougen Exhibition 1st Prize


1990 Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1991 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition


1992 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition


1993 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition and Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1994 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition ・ Selected for Sougen Exhibition


2019 Milan Genius 2019 Cool Japan Prize for Color Brush Art