About color brush art

Calligraphy, which has been popular as Japanese culture for a long time and uses colors, has expanded into a new world.


There are many calligraphy styles using colors, but the style of color brush art seems to be a little different.


The theme of color brush art is "to heal the mind". 


It feels like a new category has been born because it was born naturally. 


The method of producing the work is based on the brushstrokes and calligraphy and techniques that are the basis of




An artistic point of view is added to the work. 


Created using brush technology. 


And using the calligraphy and technique, using gradation and multicolor 


He is also working three-dimensionally. 


From expressing the calligraphy of color, I began to pursue the influence of color on the psychology. 


For example, in blue, keep your mind calm and have the image of trust and honesty, 


Green represents peace and peace and has the effect of calming the mind. 


I work deeply from the world of only images to create works. 


Calligraphy has the feeling of being a martial art, a once-in-a-lifetime event, where you make an instant. 


I can't write the same thing again, so for that moment 


Do not neglect research on original creation methods. I keep that attitude. 


I continue to feel the pleasure of working and creating art in such an instant. 


She works on the theme of "cherry blossoms." 


The reason is also the challenge to pursue the possibility of color brush art. 


There are typefaces such as regular writing, line writing, cursive writing, slave writing, and Japanese writing,


and the typefaces that can be cooperated are used. 


The image shows not only the origin of the kanji but also her infinite spread. 


As time goes by, I feel all the plants and life that sprout from it. 


It is said that the one scene that changes is cut out and made into a work. 


Add the psychology of color to it 


Deeper thoughts are embedded in one work. 


That's why I feel the energy of nature from the work.


The meaning of promoting Color Brush Art.

Color brush art is the art of brushwork.


What kind of gorgeous calligraphy that used to be all black


I am attracted to the infinite possibilities.


Recently, more and more people are interested in color brush art.


"I'm interested in kanji and letters", "I want to know more about calligraphy brush writing,"


"I became interested in craftsmen who are making calligraphy brushes." "I became interested in the psychological


effects of color."


He also heard that he wanted to learn color brush art.


I want her to continue to be interested in new cultures by continuing with color brush art It seems that he started to think.


Since 2010, he gradually started to produce works, and since producing the first color work in Kyoto,it has gradually


changed to the present shape.


I knew the importance of exposing myself, and that it takes courage.


By confronting one's inner side, he stared at himself and was devoted to a work that heals himself.He feels that he feels


the importance of producing his own works from the point that they share the some kanji that is still alive while changing


shapes.It is like a boat that embarks on an infinite world in which the artist freely transmits.Holding the star in my heart,


I leave the ship. Exactly "Seisyu"It has the potential to create works that will never be the same again.Dream of a new


culture day.



Seisyu Kamata



Beginning calligraphy at the age of five, she got a grade 8 in elementary school.




After becoming a member of society, he continued to exhibit at many exhibitions and




acquired masters in kanji, kana, and pen.




Since 2010, he has been studying works under the theme of harmony between color




and calligraphy.   




When there are unlimited possibilities for color calligraphy, we call it "color brush art"





and call it the meaning of kanji.




He continues to create unique works by harmonizing the color images.


Results of Activities

2010.7 Color calligraphy exhibition held at Yasaka Chaya, Kyoto.


2012.5 Working on "the harmony of color and calligraphy", Osaka.


2012.8 Color Brush Art exhibition at Bentencho, Osaka.


2010.7 Color calligraphy exhibition held at Yasaka Teahouse, Kyoto.


2012.5 Working on the harmony of color and calligraphy, Osaka.


2012.8 Color Brush Art exhibition at Bentencho, Osaka.


2017.6 Color Brush ArtⅡ held at Seikado Gallery, Osaka.


2017.6 Participated in “Collaboration Exhibition” at Nakatsu Pierce Gallery, Osaka.


2017.10 Group exhibition by Japanese in Milan, Italy.


2018.1 Color-Brush Art held at Kuise Gallery in Amagasaki City, Hyogo.


2018.9 Color Brush Art at Nakatsu Pierce Gallery, Kita-ku, Osaka.


2019.2 Exhibited in Milan, sister city of Osaka city, Cool Japan category, Osaka.


2019.4 Exhibited at Milan Design Week, Italy


2019.5.17 ~ 19 Exhibited `` OASIS2019 '' OBP, Osaka.


2019.6.23 ~ 7.23 OASIS2019 , France Paris Exhibition at the Farrell Gallery, Paris.


Awards history

1986 Sengen Exhibition 2nd Selected


1987 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition, Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1988 Sengen exhibition one course selected, Sogen exhibition two course selected


1989 Sougen Exhibition 1st Prize


1990 Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1991 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition


1992 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition


1993 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition and Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1994 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition ・ Selected for Sougen Exhibition


2019 Milan Genius 2019 Cool Japan Prize for Color Brush Art