Color Brush Art

By using color in calligraphy, which has long been familiar and protected as a Japanese culture, a new world has expanded.

In color brush art, the theme is "healing" by using color.

Specifically, it is based on the brushstrokes, calligraphy, and techniques that form the basis of calligraphy, adding an artistic point of view to the work, and keeping in mind gradations, multi-color use, and three-dimensionality.

Color has the power to influence human deep psychology. The green color has the effect of calming the mind by calming the mind in blue, and representing peace and peace as there is an image of trust and sincerity.

I learned that there are many other effects of color on humans.

Creating a work in an instant has a once-in-a-half-life, martial arts-like atmosphere, and you can never write the same thing again.

In addition to writing, I know the meaning of kanji, calm my mind, and concentrate on writing. By working on such a momentary art, it is connected to beautiful art.

You can express spring, summer, autumn and winter, express many style, and feel the moment of knowing the joy of creation.

Kaisho, books, books, calligraphy, slave books, Tensyo books, and many other calligraphy, you can know the meaning of kanji, choose suitable form, and inflate the image from there to create a work.

And, man's deep psychology can be deeply known by the color. You are free to express your own worldview, which leads to exposing yourself.


Born in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.

He learned calligraphy from the age of 5, exhibited at the Mainichi Exhibition and Sogen Exhibition in the contemporary calligraphy category, and repeatedly won the prize.

Get a teacher.

It becomes absorbed in the state of nothingness by silence on the training of calligraphy, and it is absorbed.

Since 2009, he has been creating works with gradations based on color, and has been working at a tea house in Kyoto.

It will be the first color book exhibition to be held.

In making calligraphy works in that color, he will work as "color brush art".

The way the work is made is based on the origin and meaning of kanji, as well as the images and colors that spring up from the form.

Expressed in gradients. And, it came to express a three-dimensional feeling more using lame and glue to protect the world.

Even in kanji typefaces, he creates works by 篆 such as hieroglyms, gold sentences, and calligraphy.

The taste of the gradation in the color includes the taste of Japanese, reminiscent of the colors of the Heian period.

There is infinite possibility in the spread of the color, and it makes it fantasize which does not know lightly and clearly and represents the world.

Kanji are changing, creating new life and creating various interpretations that exist there.

There are infinite possibilities in the world of color blush art that will continue in the future,

It is easily imagined that we will create expressions in color and continue to evolve.


January 5 -13, 2021 at Osaka City Lifelong Learning Center

Color Brush Art Exhibition "Auspicious Character Exhibition" will be held.

It is usually from 10:00 to 19:00 on the first day until 17:00 on the last day and until 17:00 on Sundays and holidays.



 Color Blush Art

    Kamata Seisyu 






Results of Activities

2010.7 Color Calligraphy Exhibition at Yasaka Chaya in Yasaka, Kyoto 


2012.8 Color Brush Art Exhibition held at Osaka Learning Center 


2016.6 Color Brush Art II held at Seikado Gallery, Osaka 


2017.6 Participated in "Collaborative Exhibition" at Osaka Piercing Gallery 


2017.10 Exhibited at "Group Exhibition by Japanese" in Milan, Italy 


2018.1 Color Brush Art Exhibition III at Amagasaki Gallery, Hyogo Prefecture 


2018.9 Color Brush Art Exhibition IV at Nakatsu Piercing Gallery, Kita-ku, Osaka 


2019.2 Exhibition in Osaka city and sister city milan, cool Japan category prize


2019.4 Milan Design Week in Italy


2019.5.17-19 "OASIS2019" osaka exhibition at Osaka OBP


2019.6.23~7.23 Paris Paris"OASIS2019" Paris Exhibition At Pharrell Gallery


2019.10 Exhibited at UNKNOWN ASIA at Osaka Grand Front

Awards history

1986 Sengen Exhibition 2nd Selected


1987 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition, Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1988 Sengen exhibition one course selected, Sogen exhibition two course selected


1989 Sougen Exhibition 1st Prize


1990 Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1991 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition


1992 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition


1993 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition and Selected for Sougen Exhibition


1994 Selected for Mainichi Exhibition ・ Selected for Sougen Exhibition


2019 Milan Genius 2019 Cool Japan Prize for Color Brush Art